Political Director
CommonAction Consulting


A longtime community leader and nonprofit manager, my drive and passion have transformed lives and organizations.

Focused on merging organizational development with positive social impact, I focus on helping organizations move beyond traditional measures. My work allows communities to establish their footing and transform approaches through strategic design and practical implementation. My areas of expertise include campaign strategies, engaged communication, and community building through reciprocal relationships.

My skills include brand and social audits, communications strategies, marketing plans, campaign development, team building, consensus building, crowdsourcing, and more. The upshot of my work is the precise alignment of projects with people, better results via clear communication, with a focus on values and efficiency.

Determined and passionate to make our world a better place for more people, I always have balanced and merged my work obligations with community commitments. Often focused on enriching the lives of others’, as well as my own, I strive to set and achieve goals as a way to advance with purpose. Analytical by nature, my core strengths center on systems thinking and identifying efficiencies for a higher return on investment towards goals. This focus allows organizations to develop equilibrium to support their outcomes while building teams and communities.

I strive to transform communities in positive, powerful ways by leveraging my experience with the desires, dreams, and determination of organizations.


  • Mary Hall (Thurston County Auditor), Campaign Manager
  • Lisa Parshley (Olympia City Council) Campaign Manager
  • Carolyn Cox (Lacey City Council) Campaign Manager
  • EJ Zita (Olympia Port Commission), Campaign Manager
  • Washington’s Paramount Duty, Communications
  • Washington for Good Policing, Field Coordinator
  • Marco Rossi (Mayor of Olympia), Campaign Manager
  • Ray Guerra (Olympia City Council), Campaign Manager
  • Nathaniel Jones (Olympia City Council), Communications
  • Stephen Buxbaum (Mayor of Olympia), Communications
  • Joe Hyer (Olympia City Council), Communications


  • Rep. Derek Kilmer, District Representative: Community outreach to Grays Harbor County. Military & Veteran Liaison.
  • Olympia Film Society, Marketing Coordinator: Collaborated with staff directors to implement and develop fun and creative marketing strategies to increase awareness, involvement, attendance, and support of OFS programming.
  • Olympia Downtown Ambassadors, Program Director: Led creation of program and development of services and protocols. Mentored staff in the fulfillment of contracts and agreements with stakeholders. Worked to improve the quality of the Downtown Olympia experience through place-making and community engagement. Program development and strategic planning, contract management, grant writing, communications, community engagement, programmatic liaison at national, regional, local venues. Developed concept and led the creation of Downtown Welcome Center.
  • P.A.T.H. Program, Program Coordinator: Led staff, volunteers, and interns in the delivery of program services at Capital Recovery Center. Worked directly with clients, as well as on planning and coordinating services and data collection. Worked with a variety of partners locally and statewide to build a stronger service network.
  • MerchantOS (now Lightspeed), Director of Integrated Communications: Responsible for outward facing communications, messaging, and content. Wrote, edited, and cultivated online content. Managed a team of writers nationwide in the creation of regular content for the company’s website and blog. Wrote copy, press releases, and networked locally — engaging co-workers in opportunities to be active in the local community including volunteering for events, cleanups, and various community benefit activities.