Victor Minjares Is the Change We Need in the Thurston County Prosecutor’s Office

I’m supporting Victor Minjares for Thurston County Prosecutor, and so should you.


Because business as usual at the County Courthouse has left us in a financial crisis. 75% of our tax dollars are spent on “Law and Justice.” Most of that goes to courts and jails. Our jail system is overcrowded and contains conditions that have in the past drawn the attention of the ACLU. Just last year The Olympian ran yet another article about inhumane conditions at our taxpayer-funded facility.

Most of the people in our jail have never been convicted of a crime yet they can be held for months because they can’t afford bail. Nearly half are afflicted with mental illness yet are incarcerated instead of being offered the treatment they need. We can be better.

Victor will work to end the expensive cycle of incarceration in Thurston County. Victor understands that we need to put people behind books not behind bars. That by ending cash bail and creating diversion programs for low-risk offenders we can end overcrowding and help good people, who just need a little jumpstart, get into education and training programs and get on track. That’s a much better use of our money than continuing to throw it away by imprisoning people who haven’t been convicted of anything.

A vote for Victor is a vote for justice. A vote for fiscal responsibility. A vote for proactive leadership. Please join me in voting for Victor Minjares for Thurston County Prosecutor on November 6th.

How do you feel about that?

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