The Attack on Lisa Parshley


Recently, supporters of our opponent filed a false complaint that suggests Lisa Parshley doesn’t live in Olympia. The evidence they provide is a list of things that are not actually relevant to their residency.

– They say she gets her mail at a private mailbox. Yes, that’s correct. Lots of people do.
– They say she’s listed as an owner of a home in Boston Harbor. That’s true also, it’s a family trust of which they are majority owners. They provide, as evidence, a photo of a sign listing all the families who live on the private road the family home is on. The sign has been there since the 70’s when her dad and the neighbors had it installed.
– They say her husband signed a lease for the property at 1014 E 4th Ave. Yes, he did.
– They say her vehicles are registered at the Boston Harbor address. Yes, that’s true.
– They say she used to be registered to vote at the Boston Harbor address but then it changed to the 4th Ave address. True again.

In 2014 Lisa and Tom began residing primarily at the home on 4th Avenue. As owner/operators of a 24-hour emergency veterinary clinic, they had to be on call as well as covering overnight shifts. Lisa and Tom, like many small business owners, have dedicated themselves completely to their business. They sleep upstairs and the main floor has been used for different purposes including a dermatology clinic, and as of January, a campaign office.

While it indeed is an unconventional living situation, the requirements for voter registration hinge on where a person lays their head at night. None of the factors listed by the Allen Miller supporters refute anything about where she actually lives. This seems to be more about the fact that Lisa doesn’t own residential property within the city limits. Their arguments hover around the notion that because she isn’t “landed gentry” she doesn’t have the right to run for office. In fact, last month at the Gateway Rotary Forum, when the moderator asked each of them to ask the other a question, Miller went first and asked her: “What gives you the right to run for office? You haven’t lived here very long. You haven’t done anything. You’re just a veterinarian.”

This is yet another personal attack lobbed at Lisa by the Miller campaign. They’ve been whispering about this for months, in addition to saying at doors he knocks on that Lisa is, “just a veterinarian with no experience.” The old, ‘Repeat the opposite of the truth enough times so it sticks’ trick. This sort of campaigning worked in the presidential election last year, are we going to let it work here in Olympia? I hope not.

This is the sad side of politics that we need to do away with. We often see weak campaigns that know they’re behind resort to every trick in the book to slam, slander and impugn their opponent. What we’re hearing from the people of Olympia is that they despise this kind of dirty politics. They see it for what it is: a distraction from the issues they care about. They want real leadership and real solutions.

Lisa Parshley is an honest, sincere person with high integrity who is running a positive, issue-oriented campaign. She’s eager to get to work for the people of Olympia.


Rob Richards
Campaign Manager
Lisa Parshley for Olympia City Council Pos. 5

How do you feel about that?

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