The Break Is Over

Hey, friends.

You probably didn’t notice – (well Jemmy did, but the rest of you probably didn’t – that I have been utterly silent for the last couple months on the blog here.

It’s been a busy time, AND, I just haven’t felt motivated or particularly inspired to write about anything. The muse comes and goes, I suppose.

Well thanks to Jemmy’s reminder that I’m a writer, I’m writing this. And hopefully, more to come in the future. I have a new vision for the work I want to be doing in the community. There’s a framework for it in my head and I want to share it with you. There’s also a lot going on currently with local campaigns that I want you to know about.

So I might post more often and if I post too much, you should let me know. You should also let me know if there’s anything I SHOULD be talking about that I’m not or anything you want my opinion about, please let me know. Your feedback is important to me and will only inspire and inform my work and my writing. I hope this can be a conversation, not a monolog.

Also, if you need something to put a smile on your face in these times just walk by the Olympia Family Theater across from City Hall on the mornings when the little kids are all dressed up and playing in the lobby. That’s a scene of carefree bliss that I NEED more of these days to combat the dismal veneer over us since November.



How do you feel about that?

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