Lisa Parshley for Olympia City Council, Pos 5

It’s local campaign season again and I’m jumping into it with a focus on winning progressive majorities on the Olympia City Council and the Olympia Port Commission. I’ll be Campaign Manager for a couple of candidates this year, and I wanted to tell you a little bit about one of them.

Lisa Parshley, a newcomer to local politics, is running for Olympia City Council, Position 5.

A little about Lisa… she is a doctor, a veterinary oncologist. She and her husband Tom own and operate the Olympia Veterinary Cancer Center. They have 50+ employees, pay everyone a minimum of $15, cover all medical and dental, and offer 3 weeks vacation every year. A consensus builder, she has held a couple of statewide leadership positions in veterinary industry groups, including helping one recover from financial turmoil, leading it through adversity among members and bringing divergent sides together, saving and strengthening the organization in the process. Lisa is running on a progressive platform with three main pillars:

Business For The Peopleour small businesses should be encouraged through opportunities, incentives, and by the example we set as a council to always consider the social, environmental, and economic interests of the community as a whole. A progressive business community can be the catalyst for social change and environmental protection; and it can lead the way toward a vibrant and robust local economy that inspires innovation and incubates great ideas.

Healthy Community/Healthy Environment –  For a city to be healthy it must embrace and protect all its people, without exception. This means ensuring diversity in our hiring practices and crafting policies that are inclusive both in outcome and in the language we use to write them. We also need to be decisive in our actions to meet the climate challenges ahead of us. By looking both “upstream and downstream” at the impact of our decisions, and by drawing upon the expertise right here in Olympia, we can act sooner rather than too late to address climate change.

Responsible Downtown – Downtown Olympia has always been about vibrancy and setting trends. Let’s harness that spirit to guide this great neighborhood through the period of growth it’s slated to experience over the next 15-20 years. As a regional hub, it bears the great responsibility of being the home, living room, playground, backyard, or job site of a half a million people from Grays Harbor to JBLM, and from Chehalis to Shelton. This also means we’ll continue to see folks who need our help, and it’s our responsibility to make sure no one is left behind, or falls through the cracks, especially if they’re suffering on our streets from untreated mental health or addiction issues.

I hope you’ll reach out to meet Lisa, I think if you do you’ll like her as much as I do. I should have website and donation systems set up this week and I’ll update everybody when I have it. Please donate! We’ll need volunteers to help with yard signs (nudgenudge Rob Alschwede), canvassing, house parties, and writing letters.

Thanks everybody, see you around the bend!

How do you feel about that?

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