A couple weeks ago in a piece titled “A New Way Forward For Olympia” I wrote about changing our system of government so that our city is split into districts, and our City Manager is elected and accountable to the people. That got me thinking about other things I’d like us to work on. In no particular order…


  • Body & dash cameras with full video and audio placed in public record
  • Civilian Oversight
  • Implicit Bias & cultural awareness training
  • Downtown Walking Patrol & Substation
  • Require Bachelor’s degree or above for all new officer hires


  • Refocus our strategy hyper-locally, targeting our strengths, and promoting local manufacturing
  • Plan and Implement far-reaching marketing campaign for Downtown highlighting local businesses, music, theater, stand-up comedy, etc
  • Value-added experience: every visitor should DO three things when here – buy from a shop, eat a meal, see a show.


  • Audit all city code to make language inclusive to all, with special regard to sex and gender
  • Conduct study of city departments with regard to diversity and develop steps to address weak points
  • Make catcalling and street harassment a hate crime
  • Annual justice & equality summit hosted by the city featuring speeches and workshops
  • Restorative justice programs that divert people from jails


  • Ban payday lending within the city
  • Ban the Box
  • Homeless Bill of Rights
  • Safety Net/Employment programs
  • Incentives and bonuses to housing developers who build projects affordable to mixed incomes


How do you feel about that?

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