This Day

Today is not my day. If it is yours, I hope you make the very best out of it. If like me, it isn’t yours, then let’s use this season to hone our compassion and tolerance for things we don’t believe in, and take the time to reflect on the people in our lives, not what they believe.

Whether it’s politics, religion, gender, who we’re attracted to, or our favorite food… we all, each and every one of us, exist on an undulating and ever fluid spectrum. To try to pin each other down is a disservice to love. To say that another person, because of their beliefs, or even their actions, is absolutely evil – that is to say irredeemable and completely gone – is to deny the darkness within ourselves. If you know your own darkness, you know that you are complex and cannot be defined by any one point on your spectrum. Love is rooted in the acceptance of your own darkness and the darkness of others, and knowing that without it they wouldn’t, and we wouldn’t, be whole.A lot has been said about 2016 as if it happened TO us. As if we were passengers, without control. I reject this. We make our every day in every moment. Thousands of hacks like me will write millions of words about the coming year in the next week, but I think we have some work to do unpacking 2016 before we’re ready to hope for the future.

I would just ask that for these final days of this year let’s reflect on not the events that occurred, but how we responded. I mean deep down, not in the veneer of social media, but drill way down into our roots. What I saw this year was an awakening of a spirit where no matter how angry or scared we were on the surface, there was an undercurrent of love that is becoming our foundation. Fear can’t win, and neither can those we oppose, if we wear that love on our sleeve. They can’t beat us if we love them because they need us to hate them. To steal from Dorothy Day, we can only love ourselves as much as the person we love the least.

Happy Day, and see you around the bend, my friend.

How do you feel about that?

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