To my dear, sweet, fellow agents of change:
For the last 40 years or so we’ve lived in a Neo-Liberal nation. See a problem: monetize, privatize, militarize. Human life is an externality, and the loss of it, imprisonment of it, and suffering upon it are necessary “for the greater good.” This machine is powerful and refusing to go out without a fight – the Dems choosing Pelosi and Schumer as their leadership is absolute proof of that. We also see it on the local level with the monetization and privatization of social programs, with policies that ignore the environmental and human impacts of decisions made by our elected officials.
BUT LET’S STOP and think about how very close we came this year to bringing that to a halt.
Bernie… Yes… Bernie…
He didn’t win, because the neo-liberals of course would never let him. They knew the threat he posed to their way of being. Beyond the money, they’ve invested everything in their neo-liberal philosophies. It’s stamped into their core and they know no other way. But he came REALLY close.
We came too close this year to give up. Trump’s Neo-fascism is an ugly backlash against this system. His win is proof that the neo-liberals are weak, and also proof that he’s the best that agents of hate can muster – no real competition at all against the power of our love.
What do we do now? We organize. We don’t fight each other about tactics, we embrace each other, and ask:
“How can I help?”
Every action, done out of love, advances the cause. We’re not done. Our nation isn’t entering a dark time. Right now is just that darkest moment before the dawn breaks and the light fills the sky. I believe this truly. I don’t think I’m being naive or myopic or ridiculous.
This is not inevitable though, as with all things we have to put in the work. We have to be love, show love, and DO love in all things. Every day, every moment, ask yourself what the loving thing to do is. If we do that, we can’t be stopped.
Now get to work.

How do you feel about that?

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