Ban Fracking in Olympia

Another quick, meaningful, and potentially impactful thing you can do in under two minutes:

It’s pretty clear our community, even our police chief, doesn’t support fracking in our port, or in our country.

Copy and paste the following message into an email, subject line: Ban Fracking in Olympia, and send to:

Members of the Olympia City Council,

Two things are abundantly clear:

Fracking is one of the most environmentally destructive practices we’ve seen, and;

the people of Olympia do NOT support this practice in any way, especially in our neighborhoods.

We ask you to adopt the following points in a resolution:

1. The City of Olympia supports a statewide and national ban on hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, banning the import and disposal of dangerous fracking waste and preventing our drinking water supplies from being depleted for fracking

2. The City of Olympia will send a letter to our State Representatives and Congressional and Senate Representatives calling for a ban on fracking and transit of related materials and by-products.

3. Hydraulic fracturing for natural gas is prohibited within the City of Olympia.

4. The City of Olympia will not accept hydraulic fracturing fluids, waste products, or associated materials within, or to be transported through, our city limits.

[your name]
[your address]

How do you feel about that?

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