A Little Perspective, from Van Jones

I rarely post just links to someone else’s content but these videos from Van Jones were good enough to earn the honor. He gets to a perspective that we really need right now – that of the actual people on “the other side” of where you’re likely at if you’re reading this.

His point that we don’t have to be enemies to disagree is one that particularly resonates with me right now. Disagreement isn’t negative, it’s not an attack. Disagreement is where problems get solved. It’s where innovation is born.

If I call you out on your behavior it’s not because I’m attacking you, it’s because I love you. We always assume the worst of each other, and that needs to change. Assume “the other” loves you and see how your world can be different.

I hope you enjoy these, I’m sure there are more to come.

How do you feel about that?

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