This whole kerfuffle has me thinking a few things:

The Democratic Party has no responsibility to democracy. Until the 1950s they didn’t have a primary system at all and it was the party elites who chose the nominee. It being the party in our two party system that contains the left, I wish party leadership would do better, would be better, but I can’t sit here and have any hope that it’s going to change.

When the emails came out, I read many of them. I have yet to see anything in them that isn’t politics as usual. I wasn’t surprised or particularly offended by anything I saw. I’ve seen and heard similar things play out right here in Olympia, in city races. The political system that we live in makes it happen. This system is set up for there to be two parties, and they are not in business to support outsiders or to share power. They are in business to win elections.

DWS had one job: do what is best for the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton is the best thing for the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders has never been a Democrat. He is a self-avowed socialist who has run as an independent his entire life. Why all of a sudden do people think the Democratic Party would just embrace him and clear a path for him to the nomination?

Now why did Clinton “reward” DWS by making her an honorary chair of her campaign?

First you have to know that honorary chair is a symbolic title that carries no actual power or responsibility and no paycheck. Lincoln Chafee and Eva Longoria were honorary chairs of Obama’s campaign in 2008… Among 22 other people.

Clinton did that for DWS because DWS was loyal to Clinton and Clinton rewarded her for that loyalty. Plain and simple. Whether you like it or not, Politics is personal, it creates cliques and clubs and factions, and loyalty is currency. You hold the power by keeping tight.

This is the pure essence of the quote about laws and sausages. We just got a great snapshot of how politics works in America, and probably everywhere. It’s the nature of the beast and it will never change no matter how much we hope for it to be better, because power and the ability to carry out a vision for how our society should be formed is an often corruptive opiate. It can turn radical lefties into pragmatists and tea party conservatives into Bernie Bros.

All we can do, each of us as individuals, is just always try to do the right thing. Do what your heart tells you is right and we’ll be fine.

How do you feel about that?

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