Bernie Sanders Is a Political Genius and I Support Him More Now Than I Ever Have

It has been really fun and interesting to watch Bernie campaign this past year. He’s been on my radar since I started paying attention to politics, his humanist values and socialist message has always resonated with me. Of course I was through the roof when I heard he was running for president. I like everybody else knew that this was a protest run. He saw a field of options that were unacceptable and decided to step up and fight. It made me appreciate him and his dedication even more. I’ve been active in causes for social justice for over a dozen years now and I’ve rarely had an opportunity to be so excited. Obama was the most excited I’ve ever been about an establishment candidate. Bernie is the most excited I’ve ever been about any candidate for anything ever.

Now I think about the last year and all the work that was done, all of the people that Bernie reached with his message, and all of the people who have been woken up to the reality of inequality and injustice in our country. I see the groups like Our Revolution and Brand New Congress that are building the infrastructure we need to continue Bernie’s vision up and down the ballot across the country. I see the official Platform of the Democratic Party and I see the fingerprints of Bernie on it. The platform is what it is not just because of Bernie but because of the people that fought in those committee meetings to move the party to the left.

There is a roll call vote scheduled tonight at the convention. This is where each state delegation announces their vote, and the candidate is decided upon. I’m nearly 100% certain that Bernie Sanders will come on stage and propose that they nominate Clinton by consent in order to avoid a floor fight. He won’t do this because he has sold out, he will do this because he (the movement) will get something out of the deal. Just like he didn’t throw his support behind her initially until he secured concessions from her on the platform, he is not going to let this moment go to waste either. He has 1800 loud, raucous, and ready to fight bargaining chips on the floor of the convention. I’d be more disappointed if he let that go to waste than I am seeing him throw symbolic support behind Hillary.

Bernie is a politician, don’t mistake him for a saint. He’s in this to gain ground in our struggle for justice. Over the last year he’s made more progress than anybody on the left has in my lifetime. Think about that before you write him off.

2 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Is a Political Genius and I Support Him More Now Than I Ever Have

  1. I agree that Bernie Sanders is a political genius. His campaign was brilliant. His strategy allowed a win for the American people whether he won the nomination or not — Our Revolution. He did all that without accepting corporate money, and played fair in every way. He pulled Hillary left, and he finessed the most progressive Democrat platform in history.

    Still, there are people who think Hillary is more qualified. They are called corporate, err… Democratic superdelegates.

    Keep the faith, Rob!


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