How To Vote and Why


You should have your ballot right now. It’s that big envelope in that stack of junk mail on your table that you haven’t recycled yet. Go grab it, I’ll wait…

Ok. Let’s do this. Let’s fill it out together.

US Senator
Patty Murray – You’ve heard of her, you’ve probably voted for her before. There’s no glaring reason not to again. If she loses, it would be to a Republican, and we just don’t need that.

US REP Dist 10
Jennifer Gigi Ferguson She’s well-educated, well-qualified, and has been a champion for social causes since college – including Veterans, domestic abuse survivors – and she’s very clear that police accountability is an issue that needs to be addressed. The Democrat’s Progressive Voter Guide claims she is “conservative on social issues” but I can’t find any evidence of that, especially in her platform on her website.

Jay Inslee – Not the best, not the worst, but most importantly not a greasy creep like his strongest Republican opponent.

Lt. Governor
Cyrus Habib – Habib represents a shift away from business as usual in this position. He combines a stellar education and a willingness to speak truth to power, and to not back down. That’s important now in the face of so much obstructionism from the right. We need a champion, not someone who will capitulate by default.

Secretary of State
Tina Podlodowski – The Stranger said it best: “Kim Wyman, the incumbent Republican, won’t condemn Trump… and has resisted passing the Washington Voting Rights Act. Podlodowski… supports postage-free ballots—hallefuckinglujah!—same-day registration, and the Washington Voting Rights Act.” Nuff said.

State Treasurer
Marko Liias – He’s the best the left could muster for this race, and is running against a super awful conservative opponent.

State Auditor
Jeff Sprung – He’s been a champion for the people most of his career as a lawyer, going after insurance companies and the like. He’s focused on ensuring consumers are paying fair prices for their prescription drugs, especially folks on Social Security and Medicaid.

Attorney General
Bob Ferguson – anytime you see a Democrat vs. a Libertarian on a ballot, just vote for the Democrat.

Commissioner of Public Lands
Hilary Franz – As an Urban Environmentalist, voting for Franz is one of the easier choices on this ballot. She understands that stopping sprawl and increasing urban density is how we preserve our forests and farmlands.

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Erin Jones – Jones’ top competition here is Chris Reykdahl (whom I’ve voted for every time he’s been on a ballot until today) – and they both could do the job ably. The reason I’m voting for Jones is because education plays a debilitating role in the lives of people of color… Expulsion, suspension, drop out rates, etc… Jones, as a black woman, can be a conduit and coalition builder across the state and lead the push for justice in our school systems.

Insurance Commissioner
Mike Kreidler – *see Attorney General

Senator, Dist No 22
Sam Hunt – Sam is great. Everybody loves Sam. He’s been a champion for people his entire career. He’s one of the few elected officials who consistently show up when local non-profits and community groups have events or ask for support. That means a lot to me to see him out in the community setting an example.

Representative, Dist No 22 Pos. No. 1
Laurie Dolan – There are pros and cons to Dolan, not being from this District, not being elected here before, or particularly active in the community are big hits for sure. What puts her over the top for me: I met her and was impressed by her intelligence and thoughtfulness, she has a great resume for the job, and cares about the things I care about.

Representative, Dist 22 Pos. No. 2
Beth Doglio – She’s the only one on the ballot, so if you don’t want to vote for her then just write somebody in. But seriously, she’s going to do a great job, so mark that circle with confidence.

County Commissioner District No 1
Jim Cooper – This is my favorite vote on this ballot. (Full disclosure: I have a very small volunteer job on his campaign helping to manage his website. I wouldn’t do that for anybody.) Jim is somebody I consider a friend. More than that, and why YOU should vote for him: he speaks truth to power, is willing to be the lone voice and vote standing up for justice on the Olympia City Council. He’s logged many years in the non-profit world, doing the good work, fighting the good fight etc. Also, if he loses, it’ll be to a very conservative opponent and that will give conservatives control of our County Commission – who will then likely undo and reverse work done to limit sprawl and protect the environment. And who knows what else. VOTE COOPER!

County Commissioner District No 2
Kelsey Hulse – Kelsey would be a perfect compliment to the County Commission. She and Cooper would move our county by leaps and bounds with their presence. Her opponent is former Sheriff Gary Edwards (a Republican claiming no party preference).

State Supreme Court Justice Pos. No. 5
Barbara Madsen – Madsen is the incumbent, and the best qualified candidate in race. She’s got a long record of bringing fairness to the bench and working hard to increase opportunities for women within our justice system.

That’s it. Stamp that sucker and drop it in the mail by August 2nd!

How do you feel about that?

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