The Trump Campaign, A House Built On Sand Part 3

Last week, in my post, The Trump Campaign, A House Built On Sand I laid out two reasons why I think the GOP nominee is running a weak campaign – primarily that his organization is sharply divided and dysfunctional, and that he can’t raise money and is facing a YUGE deficit between he and Clinton going into the general election.

Since my first post, many folks in the media have also picked up on the fundraising gap between the two. Just looking at May: Trump raised $3million, Clinton raised $26million. Those would be weak fundraising numbers if Trump were running for Congress, much less the Presidency.

Trump secured the nomination of his party and still couldn’t excite donors. So, he’s loaning himself more money, and promising to match donations up to $2million this month. That looks a bit desperate if you ask me.

The point is this: all the bluster and rhetoric and crap that he’s gotten away with is good for TV ratings, but when it’s time to put their money where their wagging tongues are, his supporters don’t support him.

I really think this campaign is unraveling, or maybe was never raveled to begin with, and right now has infinitesimally little chance of actually challenging Clinton (in all honesty, I’m thisclose to predicting a landslide of epic proportions in November) – BUT – because we (and the media especially) keep talking about him, he’s not going anywhere. There is too much money for networks to lose if he’s not commanding news cycles, so get ready for a long, hot, ridiculous summer.

How do you feel about that?

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