People Kill People

If you’re against any regulations, whatsoever, even remotely linked to guns, you are on the wrong side of history, and you should actually be ashamed of yourself.

You, the NRA, and most of our politicians are responsible for (in 2015 ALONE):

  • 372 mass shootings, killing 475 people
  • 64 school shootings
  • 13,286 people killed by firearms
  • a gun murder rate 30 times higher than the U.K.

About 11,000 people on average die per year in a gun related incident, and about 31 per year in terror-related incidents._85876098_us_gun_terrorism_624_v4

We spend over a trillion dollars a year fighting terrorism. That’s $32.26 billion dollars per terror victim, per year. That about $3,000 per person in the US. The NRA, and people who refuse/fail to do something about our gun deaths, have prevented the CDC from even studying the issue. They’ve done this for over 20 years. So we don’t really spend any money to prevent gun deaths, yet it costs us a lot of lives.

The NRA and their acolytes tout that more guns means safer living in America. The Good Guy With A Gun Theory says that “a good guy with a guy will stop a bad guy with a gun.” In Orlando, a good guy with a gun was present. 49 dead, 50 injured. That good guy with a gun wasn’t effective. The article I linked to in this paragraph lays out the rest of the case. Your argument is invalid.

What the data shows us is that right now the more freely available guns become, the more firearm-related murders and suicides there are. If you support the NRA’s position, then you’re saying that this is acceptable. The slaughter of 20 children at school, or 9 people at church, or 49 people just enjoying life on the weekend are just the cost of doing business in a free society.

If you feel this way and can blindly ignore a staggering amount of preventable death, then there is something wrong with you. I know that’s not nice to say, but nice gets people killed these days.

People Kill People

I’ve heard this refrain from the NRA and their ilk since childhood. It’s the bedrock of the argument against reasonable measures to stem the tide of gun murders and suicides. First, it’s stupid. It’s just a stupid, obvious thing to say. If you do or have said it, and meant it seriously, you might be an idiot. Not saying you ARE, just that you MIGHT be. You should go get that checked. A gun is an inanimate object, and like all inanimate objects, they can’t DO things.

So, obviously, people kill people.

Let’s talk about cars. Today, cars still kill three times as many people as guns do. BUT in 1967, they killed FIVE times as many. What we did back then, was looked at the issue, and despite the cries of the auto industry, we passed, and continue to refine and enhance, a series of measures that have continued to reduce annual auto-related deaths. This is called the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Every decade since 1969, the average number of annual deaths has dropped by nearly 5,000. There were 18,000 less motor vehicle related deaths in 2014 than there were in 1967. The regulations worked, and nobody had their cars taken away.

Jon Stewart made a similar argument once, using drunk driving as the example:


So why not a Federal Firearm Safety Standards package that includes:

  • Gun Operator Licensing
  • Firearm registration
  • A Learner’s Permit program and required Gun Safety Education, especially for young people, but mandatory for anyone who wants to purchase their first firearm
  • Mandatory liability insurance coverage for every gun you own

Notice I said nothing about access to guns, clips, ammo, or sales of the like. If this is about people, then obviously the wrong people are getting their hands on guns and we need to elevate gun ownership and reduce the number of irresponsible gun owners.

I was in a marksmanship club for awhile as a teenager. The guy who ran it, Gus, was a hunter. So were a lot of people I knew. I did and would trust any of them with a gun. They taught me about the honor and responsibility of gun ownership. That’s something that I think we’ve lost a bit of today in the blind screaming match that the gun debate has become: That with the right to own a gun, you assume a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and shouldn’t be given to just anybody because they’ve got a wad of cash and a pulse.

If we don’t do something about this problem then at some point we’re all complicit. The people doing the killing is us.


I’d love to hear what you think about guns, gun control, and the points I raise in the article. Please leave a comment below telling me how you feel.

How do you feel about that?

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