The Trump Campaign, A House Built On Sand

Two happy thoughts:

If we take a close look at Trump’s campaign, two things are glowingly clear to me (as a person with a lot of campaign experience):

First, the campaign is sharply divided into two factions, Team Lewandowski and Team Manafort. Manafort was brought in following the dustup over Lewandowski’s battery charge – and he reports directly to Trump, NOT the campaign manager, Lewandowski. Staff has taken sides and they are very much divided. Unless Trump dumps one of them and restructures very soon, I don’t see how they run the kind of cohesive and efficient campaign you need to run to become president.

Second, their messaging around fundraising has taken some interesting twists. Early on Trump said he didn’t need anybody’s money. A few months ago that changed and everybody started saying he needed to raise at least one billion dollars, if not more. And now, as the anti-Trump movement has gained steam among the Republican establishment and (so far) the Koch Bros. aren’t getting involved, they’ve downgraded the amount they say the need to raise to beat Clinton. That’s just his cocky way of addressing the fact that they know they can’t raise the funds.

As campaigns go, his looks dismal at this point, if you look closely. What a metaphor that is for the man himself – all style, no substance.

Runner-up happy thought: Elizabeth Warren suuuuurrree has been positioning herself as a bulldog, and going hard after Trump – saying all the things that Clinton would say but can’t, in order to remain presidential. THAT is exactly what a VP candidate does in a general election.

Time will tell.

How do you feel about that?

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