Liberal vs. Progressive

This election season is highlighting the importance of knowing what words mean. I look at the Democrats, and I see a lot of confusion among voters about who’s what and what’s who.

Not all liberals are progressive, and not all progressives are liberal. These words ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE.

Liberalism is a set of ideals rooted in personal freedom, equality, and the social contract. If you’re a liberal, like me, you fight for liberal causes. We know that we have the expertise on hand to figure out how to accomplish a thing and focus on the fight for it instead of only focusing on feasibility. It’s easy to say that something isn’t feasible if you’ve never tried to pencil it out. We’ll do that part once we win.

Progressivism is a WAY of solving problems. Basically, you try a lot of things and see what works. Prohibition, the Tuskegee Experiment, ObamaCare, those are examples of progressive programs. A progressive minded person will look at all the available data, including political climate, and forge a policy from there. They won’t fight for it because they’re too pragmatic for that. They’ll strive for consensus rather than pushback against Republican attacks.

The Democrats are ruled by progressives – that’s why we don’t have single payer healthcare. If liberals were in charge of the party, they would have fought for it, and in my opinion probably would have won.

Bernie is a liberal. Clinton is a progressive. Bernie will fight for things. Clinton will analyze them.

Bernie, and liberals everywhere, pose a threat to the progressive establishment because people are weary of analysis paralysis on every issue. The Republicans seem to win everything because they’re run by ideologues. Ideologues fight. Progressives don’t.

We don’t win what we don’t fight for.

How do you feel about that?

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