How to be a White Ally in the Racial Justice Movement

Last night I watched a livestream discussion that focused primarily on how to be a white ally in the racial justice movement. A couple intrusive thoughts lingering with me today:

1. Don’t ask black folks how you can be a good ally. Find a white mentor who’s been doing the work. You can’t understand the perspective of a black person’s experience (I don’t care what neighborhood you grew up in).

2. Include trans folks in this movement RIGHT NOW. And Always. And everybody.

3. We waste too much time arguing about strategy instead of organizing in our communities. A broad range of tactics mean a strong movement that has something for everyone.

#4. Oppression affects everyone differently. We need to be able to talk about ending black oppression separately from indigenous, trans, etc. – they do overlap in some cases, but primarily have been constructed in very different ways, and will require different methods to dismantle.

How do you feel about that?

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