Fit The Description By Hashim Warren

No matter how many times Hashim Warren changes his appearance he still fits the description of ‘black man in America’ – and is treated accordingly.

When I was young I fit the description. And last week on Thursday at 1:30PM I fit the description.

I’ve had a bald head, dreads, cornrows, and an afro. No matter how I change my hair, I always fit the description.

I’ve been dressed for work, dressed for church, and dressed to hang out and I still fit the description.

I’ve weighed a lot. And weighed less. I’ve lived in an apartment and a home. I’ve been single and married. I’ve been a disciple of Christ and an atheist.

No matter what I do. What I believe. Where I go. How much I make. What I give. How I change. How I serve.

To the police I always fit the description. I’m always a suspect.


2 thoughts on “Fit The Description By Hashim Warren

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