Marco Rossi for Mayor!

Dear friends,

I’m writing to express my strong support of Marco Rossi for Mayor of Olympia. I’ve had the great pleasure of living, working, and playing in Downtown Olympia for over 12 years. Downtown is the heart of our city. The quirky shops, the personalities, and the neighborhood bond that we share make our little neighborhood an amazing place to live, have fun, and do business.

Marco has a long history in our downtown as well. In many roles as a volunteer he has spent countless hours getting to know our neighborhood and its denizens. As an employee of Planned Parenthood he works downtown and spends much of his time here. He frequents many of our neighborhood’s great businesses and invests his time and his money here.

Our neighborhood is on the cusp of great things. We’re projected to gain at least 5,000 new residents in the coming years. Marco has a keen knowledge and understanding of how to absorb this growth in environmentally, economically, and socially responsible ways. He has passion for downtown, and as our Mayor will ensure that our values are at the forefront of every decision that council makes, and will make sure that our voices are heard in these important conversations.

A good mayor isn’t just a figurehead. A good mayor leads a community dialog that puts the voice of the people first and leaves no one out. Marco is this kind of leader. He is a keen facilitator, he studies the issues, and he will bring strong work ethic and commitment to city hall.

With a mayor like Marco Rossi, we can end homelessness as we know it, tackle looming climate change issues, get our city’s budget back on track, bring a $15 minimum wage to Olympia, ensure safe and sick leave for all, and ultimately create the kind of government at city hall that Olympians deserve.

I am a proud supporter of Marco Rossi for Mayor of Olympia and I strongly urge you to vote for him in the upcoming election.


Rob Richards


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