On love

Love is like blasting off in a rocket.

Crazy, deep, mad, once-in-a-lifetime love is outer space.

You and your partner strap in and you are both filled with exhilarated anticipation of the infinite unknown before you. The rocket blasts off and it’s the most incredible and awesome thing you’ve ever felt. There is no place in the arc of history that you’d rather be than right there, right then, with that person. You never want that moment, that feeling, to end.

As you are thrust from the comforts of Earth, you begin to notice the rough spots more and more. Your shields and protective systems get tested and strained, and if they’re not strong enough, yet, they can fail, and you have to return to Earth to try again.

To get to that outer space, you have to continue to develop the technology that prepares you for leaving the atmosphere — the strength and confidence to leave behind what’s comfortable and open all of yourself to another.

The joy and tranquility that lies in that place beyond ourselves makes all the work and toil worth it. We should keep in mind during the times when it all seems fruitless that we’re building within ourselves a great thing, and while the reward will never be material or quantifiable, it can be the greatest treasure we will ever know.

How do you feel about that?

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